Tuesday, April 20, 2010

T-shirts are done!

As I stated yesterday, Brent Welch of Resort Promo Wear is just about as awesome of a guy as there is. Not only did he get the shirts up for sale today and make the price an unbelievable $10, he went one step further. This is a quote from the e-mail I received from Brent today "I figured we would give $5 for every shirt sold back to you". WOW! So you can get a shirt for $10, he will ship it to you and $5 dollars of that is going to the Wounded Warriors. www.allthesetees.com
Brent is also offering hoodies, tank tops and long sleeve tees, these obviously are a different price but he is still giving on heck of a deal. There are 4 color options- grey, pink, sandstone and white. I cannot tell you how excited we are about this, we will also be selling shirts at some of the "mini" fundraisers throughout the summer. Please check these out and if your business or maybe some other event needs some type of apparel please consider giving Brent a call or check his company out on line. www.ResortPromoWear.com

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