Friday, April 23, 2010

End of week news and T-shirt info

One more week and we will have completed our first full month of fundraising and up to this point it has been nothing short of amazing! The personal donations are closing in on $3500 and we have many businesses that have committed to a financial donation as well. I am finding out that with many of the larger corporations and businesses it can take up to 90days for these things to get approved through the proper channels, glad we started when we did!!! Below I will just briefly hit on some key things that have happened over the week. This was a "light" week for my training, but I will ramp up the miles considerably next week again. Depending on what my body is telling me, my training will most likely stay at 2 or 3 high mileage weeks and 1 lighter week with low miles and a lot of cross training. GOTTA STAY INJURY FREE!

- I made a mistake with the T-shirts. I told everyone they were sweat wicking, well the shirts for $10 are actually cotton T-shirts. Brent at Resort Promo Wear has put the sweat wicking shirts on there now, they are $5 more, SORRY!!! That was totally my

-Tuesday June 8th, 2010 at "On The Border" New Market Square is Wounded Warrior night. We will get 10% of sales from that evening between 4pm to 10pm. I spoke with Leah one of the managers this week, she is making flyers and I will have them out next week. The Army is talking about bringing a HUMVEE for the kids to check out and I am hoping we can fill the lot with bikes from the American Legion Riders!!!

- Still have no definite place for a Wichita Raffle??? I had no idea that it would be this difficult to find an event in Wichita, oh well, I am still trying. I have a HUGE stack of gift cards from restaurants and other businesses stacking up next to me here, it would be a shame to have to hold two raffles in the KC area.

- Saturday June 26th at the Maize South School track we will have our 9 hour walk/jog/run. We are asking everyone to come out and if possible donate $1 per lap you do. Its an "on your honor" event, I will run the entire 9 hours for a training run. Looks like we will possibly have MILE 90 productions there making a video and taking pictures. So far we have the Marines, Army, Navy and Wichita FD all committed, not to mention 3 local businesses challenging employees. One businesses owner said for every lap his employees do whether it be walk or run, he will match it! Sounds like a GREAT idea to me! I have already spoken to people from the KC area that are coming down for the track event and doing fundraising for me in that area, WOW, the support is tremendous!

As I have said before, I am open to any suggestions and comments. Please call me any time 316-253-6915. Thank you all and Semper Fi, Tony

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