Saturday, April 17, 2010

More great people offering help!

I am making every attempt to keep this blog updated with all new info, so I do not forget anyone or anything. We received more gift cards yesterday from local businesses for our raffles. As many cards as we are getting it seems that two raffles will most likely be the logical thing.

We do have one raffle location locked down for sure, it will happen Saturday July 10th at Wyondaotte Country park at the Kansas City Trail Nerds; Mizuno Cabrakan PsychoPsummer 15mile and 50k race. Most likely sometime in the afternoon once the majority of the racers have finished. Race directors BadBen Holmes and Sophia Wharton have graciously offered to let us set up a table at which time we will sell raffle tickets for $1 each. At this point we are looking at somewhere around 20 to 25 items to be raffled, mostly restaurant gift cards but we have been in contact with some local electronics businesses who are showing interest? Please check out the race website at If you want to run arguably one of the toughest trails in Kansas or are a marathoner kicking around the idea of venturing into the world of Ultrarunning I highly suggest this race, I ran this event in 2007 and 2008 and never left disappointed! I am trying to lock down a raffle spot in Wichita, but at this point I have no call backs? If any of you Race Directors reading this in the Wichita area want a raffle at your event this summer, drop me a line ASAP!

The next items are both also highly motivating as well, the first being a woman by the name of Beth Walz. My friend Kelly introduced me to her facebook page, so I looked Beth up and wrote her a letter explaining our event. She immediately wrote back with interest and apparently has a radio show as well she is trying to squeeze us into. You can check her out on facebook or go to She is quite a motivating lady and I look forward to speaking with her in the future.
All of you who follow the facebook page know that as soon as I get a donation I plaster it on the fanpage and people are coming up with new ideas to raise money daily, the one you are about to hear is the best so far! Danny Jackson an Assistant Baseball Coach for the Saint Louis University Billikens and former Wichita State Shocker slugger, contacted me last night and said that the Billikens have a "STUPID JAR" that is collecting money. Every time a player does or says something stupid one dollar goes into the jar. At the end of Day 1 we have $7 he said. He hopes to not only raise money for the Wounded Warriors he said, but hopefully at the same time his team gets a little smarter! All I can say is thanks DAN-O, we are all Billiken fans now.

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