Sunday, April 18, 2010

Inaugural Kansas Marathon/ great training day

Well, all in all a really great day. This was an inaugural race so I figured it would be a bit unorganized and chaotic, I was wrong. Very well organized with a lot of experienced runners as volunteers, I highly recommend this marathon!I talked to Kyle a little over a week ago and asked him if he was up for a paved training run, he hesitantly said "what do you have in mind". (Kyle will be one of the key members to my 224mile run) I told him about the marathon and to my surprise he immediately said YES! Kyle lives in Olathe, Kansas and runners in northeastern Kansas have the luxury of having some really great trail systems and you have groups such as the Lawrence Trail Hawks and Kansas City Trail Nerds who utilize those trails daily. We do not have that luxury in the Wichita area, when I want off road, I go to the "big ditch". So most runners in that area prefer the trails over road running. Kyle, myself and Greg Burger another ultrarunner we knew, was out for a training run as well, so we stuck together and chatted the entire race.

Planned on a 4 hour finish today, wanted to work on slowing my pace and eating regularly,(hammer gels) but we got hung up in the marathon atmosphere and finished about 20mins sooner than planned. Oh well, I have a few more months to get it right. Usually I finish in the high 2:40's or low 2:50's, so today was really fun for us. We talked and encouraged others the entire time. The whole point of today was a good paved training run and to be pain free at the completion, we accomplished that today.
I look forward to another great week of training and fundraising ahead. Lower miles for the week ahead, but a lot of speed work. Seems to be working for me, doing 2 weeks of decent long miles and then a lighter week of hard speed work and tempo runs. I will keep you posted on any new news or sponsors! Semper Fi, Tony

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