Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting you up to speed

For some of you who do not know, we began this fundraiser officially just shy of 3 weeks ago. In that time we have received a sponsorship from Hooters of America, nearly $2000 in personal donations and have exceeded 350 people from nearly every state in the US on our face book fan page. Some of the organizations who have steeped up to assist in other ways are the American Legion Riders, 1st Marine Division Association and last but not least, we have received the personal endorsement of General Tommy Franks,US Army retired.

It has been quite an eventful 3 weeks so far and daily we receive inquiries from businesses. In the next few weeks I will explain how we plan to accomplish this mission and most of all the 224 mile run. Yes, it will be very difficult, but not impossible. The last thing we want to do as a team is put the focus on the run until the day of, our intentions are to raise awareness for the Wounded Warriors who need us and need us now. I will post stories, some will be very disturbing as to how these men and women have just been shoved back into society with little or no resources to help them get on with life as a Wounded Warrior. This is why Wounded Warrior Project is special to me and why our team is going to do all we can to reach our $25,000 goal. Many "mini" fundraising events are in the works and as soon as they are finalized we will spread the word. If any of you reading this has a suggestion or comment, please let us know. Thank you and Semper Fi, Tony

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