Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting better everyday!

We have officially secured two "mini" fundraisers and two or three more are in the works! People are just amazing and continue to amaze me everyday with there generosity. The first of the two will be Tuesday June 8Th from 4pm to 10pm at "On the Border" in New Market Square Wichita, Kansas. They are going to donate 10% of sales that evening to our fundraiser, so the amount of money to be made is up to everyone showing up and eating. I will be there the entire time, On the Border is creating an event flyer that must be shown. I will post the flyer's on our fan page and here, but if you forget it don't worry, we will have a stack there for you!

The second event is for everyone to take part in and get a little exercise as well. On Saturday June 26Th from 6am to 3pm I will be doing a 9 hour training run at Maize South Middle School's track. We are asking everyone to come out and walk, jog or run sometime in that 9 hours, all we ask is you donate $1 a lap, all money going to the Wounded Warriors and toward our $25,000 goal. Since this is a non-profit event, please bring your own water and whatever else you may need, it will be HOT! As of now the US Marines, US Navy and US Army will be there joining us and bringing the future recruits of those respective services for a little workout. I can guarantee you this, nothing is more motivating than hearing a little cadence being yelled out while running. When this event gets closer we will post more details, we are working on the Wichita Fire Dept and Wichita Police Dept as well.

Training is going very well for me and the logistics of this event are just falling into place. My wife Angel, Dan Elsener, Kyle Amos and Tony Brown have already put in a ton of hours working on this and its months away. We are going to be holding two or three raffles throughout the summer at races here in Wichita and other towns. So far I have asked 12 national restaurant chains and 1 coffee chain for donations and gift cards, everyone of them with no hesitation at all said YES!!! Once we have a complete list we will post it. Thank you everyone and check back daily for updates. Semper Fi, Tony

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