Monday, May 31, 2010

Still Rollin!!!

Sorry I have been slacking on the updates, things have been busy! I will start off first by thanking Mark Berry. Mark is a Omaha, Nebraska resident who will also be doing a fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project this summer, by running his first 100mile race at the Heartland 100 in Cassodey, Kansas. Mark has sent out information about our fundraiser to just about everyone in Nebraska I think and all his hard work resulted in a live interview this morning on KFAB radio. I think the interview went well and hopefully we got the word out to some more folks also.

We are just a bit shy of $7000.00 on the money end of things, we have a long way to go to $25,000, but next Tuesday June 8th is our "On the Border" night, we will get 10% of ALL sales for the night, so please come out to the New Market Square "On the Border" if you can, for those of you in Wichita and the surrounding areas. We also have our track run at the end of June at the Maize South Track, also we have a stellar group of people in Wellington, Kansas organizing fundraisers and possibly a track run there as well, keep you posted. Dan Elsener is also in the process of organizing a track run/fundraiser in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sounds like I should have no problem getting in my miles!!! I am going to work on raffle tickets this week, I promise!!! No new raffle donors last week.

I previously posted that Lisa Smith Batchen would be here this week in Wichita for her fundraiser, well they had a logistical error and will now be in Dodge City, sorry if you planned on coming out and running.

I have previously stated that I will do two heavy mile weeks and then one light week to allow my muscles to recover. This week coming up is my light week, no more than 30 to 35 miles of running, I will cross train and try and knock out a few weights. Last weeks mileage is as follows

20.82 Total

20.58 Total

PM- 15.90

AM- 10.45
PM- 13.65
24.10 Total

OFF day



136 miles total for the week.
Pretty productive week of training, no injuries and no soreness, so i am quite happy with the results. After this rest week I would like to knock out back to back 130mile weeks and see how I feel? Thank you everyone for all the support, we are 101 days away from the event!!!! Gonna be here before we know it. Semper Fi !!!!

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