Sunday, May 9, 2010

Check out the PODCAST!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, pretty darn good week if you ask me. We still haven't broke that $5000 mark, but we will, seem to be stuck around $4700? We received about 4 more gift cards for the raffle this week and I sent out a handful more requests. The way it's looking right now we probably won't have two raffles, can't find any takers here in Wichita so I am at wits end begging people to let me hold a raffle. Next weekend we will start selling raffle tickets for $1 a piece and we will have an online sign up as well. You do not have to be present to win, I am going to make a raffle ticket with name and phone number on it, you can buy as many tickets as you want. The raffle will be held sometime during or after the Kansas City Trail Nerds Summer Psycho 25/50K on July 10Th at Wyandotte County Park here in Kansas. If any of you out of staters choose to help and buy a raffle ticket, if you win I will call you and get an address and mail you the prize! I will keep you posted.

There is a link at the top of the page if you have not heard the podcast yet, it's about 20 mins long. I would like to thank Ben Holmes who had lunch with Kevin from Endurance Planet earlier in the week and put the bug in his ear!

Speaking of raffle this brings me to my next point. Over the last two weeks I have received multiple e-mails asking me who the restaurants/businesses are that are donating. I was going to wait a while before I stated the donors but one lady made a great point. She wants to support businesses that support the Wounded Warriors, so next Friday I will post a list of all restaurants/businesses that have graciously donated and I will do this every friday from here on out until the raffle. On the flip side of that, she wanted to know who has turned us down. I told her I would rather not name the people who said no, although a few of them I would like to. Let me just tell you this and for those of you from the Wichita area it will clear a lot up. I drove down Rock Road and Maize Road one month ago, I wrote down every restaurant/fast food/other businesses I felt might donate. For those of you not from Wichita, just picture that main street in your town where you have the choice of about any restaurant or store you can think of. So, without naming the names of those who said no, that should clear it up for most of you. I do not expect every business to donate to our fundraiser, but like most other veterans and families of veterans, I will support the places that support those that serve in uniform; its that simple.

I received one of two pairs of shoes that Vasque donated to me for training purposes, the Mindbender, great shoes as usual! This shoe is super lightweight, I ran about 32 miles in them on Saturday morning, it says a lot about a shoe when you can pull it out of the box, throw it on, go run 30 plus miles and not have an issue. Thanks Vasque! I also received a VERY UNEXPECTED package from Mizuno USA this week, specifically from there Midwest Rep, Sophia Wharton. She sent me shorts, shirts, sleeves, jacket, long sleeve and shoes on the way! Needless to say I was a running Mizuno poster boy today, I kinda felt guilty and dirty running in my Asics. Sorry Sophia! I have not made it up to Topeka yet, but Willie Lambert with Great Plains Running Company has gear there waiting on me, keep you posted on that.

Other than that, things went great this week, put a little over a 110 miles in pain free. This next week will be an easy for me, no more than 30 miles. I have spoke with 4 newspapers, 3 radio stations and one nationally syndicated talk show; should be a busy summer! Don't forget to check out the shirts at the top of the page as well, there are t-shirts, running shirts, hoodies, kids clothes etc etc etc. We get 50% of all sales of the clothing, that is Brent Welch owner of Resort Promo Wears donation. Thank you everyone!!!

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