Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting there!!!!

Sorry about the late end of week post. Last week we received confirmation from Joe Prusatis of the donation of 4 free entries to his races for the raffle. For those of you that do not know Joe, he is a race director in Texas of just about every ultramarathon that goes on down there. He has given us a free entry to Rocky Raccoon, Bandera, Cactus Rose and Nueces. Adding all of these up I am sure we are around $500 or more of free entries.
As for the raffle, I wanted to have the tickets done this weekend but I was tied up doing other things, I will work on it this weekend and try to get them out to you guys. We have broken the $6000 mark on donations, so that puts us right at about 25%!!! We also have a group in Wellington, Kansas that is starting a fundraising campaign for us down there.
My training is going well, did not quite get in the miles I wanted to last week but life kind of got in the way, I will make up for it the next two weeks!!! Thank you all of you for the support and please keep it up, I promise to do a better job updating this blog!!!! Semper Fi

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