Sunday, May 2, 2010

End of Week training

Well, another week of training in the books. In my opinion it was very productive, got in a lot of miles and was injury and pain free. As I have stated before, throughout the summer I will do two really high mileage weeks in a row, somewhere around a 100plus miles each week and then an easier week, somewhere around 30 to 35 miles of running. On the easy weeks I will also get miles on the bike and hopefully once the weather warms up a little more, start getting a lot of pool time in!!! So here's how the week went for me.

AM= 7.25
PM= 11.20

AM= 9.25
PM= 11.20

AM= 10.40
PM= 10.25

AM= 8.40
PM= 10.15



Week Total = 117 miles

I will only run 5 days this week, I am taking tomorrow off to heal from this weekend and i will take Friday off to get ready for the weekend. Semper Fi!!!!!!

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