Saturday, May 1, 2010

First Month Results

As of today we have one full month of fundraising in the books and have $3,800 in donations to this point. We are quite a ways from $25,000 but we have quite a bit going on in June and July, so hopefully the numbers will start raising quickly. On the business donations like I said before, I have found that the few businesses that are looking at helping us have anywhere from a 30 to 90 day period before they actually pay out the donation. I have four businesses that have gave me a verbal "YES" for a donation, but I am not counting any money till we have it.

Great Plains Running Company in Topeka, Kansas has graciously donated Hammer Gel, HEED Sports drink, socks, compression sleeves and speaking with some of there vendors about shoes. Willie and Karen Lambert the owners are going above and beyond to help our fundraiser, so please, if you are in Topeka, Kansas please look these fine people up. It's a family owned local running store!
Vasque Shoes has generously donated 2 pairs of shoes for me to train in, they would have loved to do more but budget restrictions have a lot of companies in a bind right now. Thank you Vasque, I will never complain about free running shoes. I do not have the exact number yet but Brent Welch at Resort Promo Wear in Wichita, Kansas is doing our shirts (link is above if you have not bought one!!!) and he said Monday when he gets the month end numbers, in his words "we will be very pleased". Many of you have contacted me that you bought shirts and hoodies and I would like to thank all of you!!! I have more gift cards than I can even begin to name, once I get them all in, I will let you know which businesses are stepping up to help the Wounded Warrior raffle. For the most part about 95% of the businesses I have went to or e-mailed have had open arms or at least had the courtesy to contact me back and let me know why they cannot. For those businesses who have not, just start doing push-ups!

Below is the list of April financial donors, these are in order by first name, no order as to who donated what.
Allie Lawerence
Alvin Wynia
Chris Fryer
Debbie Webster
Eric Steele
Phil Contreras
Gary Clark
Jacquelyn Fryer
Jamie Stewart
Jessica Caizza
Joe and Joyce Prusaitis
Julie Toft
Kevin Delong
Laurie Euler
Lee Crane
Luke and Jennifer Campbell
Mike Adams
Randy Albrecht
Robert "Bob" Murphy
Roger Laughary
Sara Morales
Seth Weil x2
Sheryl Kustra
SSGT Ethan & Mrs.Melody
Stuart Ray
Tony and Angel Clark x2

Those names above are responsible for the first $3,800. Some of the other groups that have stepped up are the American Legion Riders, they will be escorting me through a few towns along the route. Tony Brown has the logistics and mapping all done for the route and the US Marines, US Navy and US Army recruiters here in Wichita and OKC are helping in a big way with our "mini"fundraiser/track run in June. I will be posting a schedule of events at the top of the blog page in the next week for the months of June and July. Kristi Mayo has finished our press release and has compiled a HUGE list we are gonna get it out to. Sorry if I forgot anyone, email me and I will get you in the end of May report. Thank you for all your support everyone, I know we will reach our financial goal! I will put a end of week report tomorrow of my training for the week, so check back tomorrow night. In closing I will give you a quote from my buddy Kevin Delong. Earlier this week I thanked him for all his help and hard work, he then told me "no thanks needed, people need to quit just saying they support the troops and start doing!" Well said Kevin.

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