Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 26th Track Run Fundraiser

Next Saturday June 26th from 6am to 3pm we will doing a 9 hour track run at the Maize South Track, which is located at the corner of 37th and Tyler for those of you that do not know. You do not have to run all 9 hours!!!! I will be using this as a 9 hour training run and i am trying to get people out there not only to keep me company but also to raise some more money for the Wounded Warrior Project. If you can afford to make a donation of any size it would be appreciated greatly or we had the idea of a dollar for every lap you complete, totally up to you. This is a public track for all to use so we cannot make anyone pay, if you cannot donate come out and participate anyway, its gonna be a blast. The principal of Maize South Middle School, Jess Herbig is kind enough to allow us to use the bathrooms this day also. So yes for those of you that have e-mailed and asked me, we will have bathrooms!
Some members of Curves health club are getting sponsored per lap they do, employees from On the Border will be there. We will also have a few HOOTERS girls out there to pass out water. It saddens me to say but the only branch of service that has given me a solid commitment on being there and at what time is the US ARMY. They will be there at 10am with some of there future soldiers. So if you want to meet some kick ass warriors and future warriors please come on out around 10am.
We have runners coming from as far south as Texas and a handful from Topeka and the Kansas City area. You DO NOT have to run, this is a walk, jog, run or whatever you choose to do. There will also be a flag present at the track that was presented to me by the American Legion Riders and I ask that you do not leave without signing the flag. We will have water there after 7am, "On the Border" in New market Square is going to supply us with ice and water for our jugs but they will not be there till 7am, so wait till about 7:30 if your not bringing water.
Rick and Kristi Mayo with "Mile 90" productions will be there as well, making the trip all the way from Kearney, Missouri taking pictures and doing a video of the run which we will post on facebook, the blog and YouTube. I truly hope we have a large turnout and raise an enormous amount of money for the Wounded Warriors! Semper Fi, Tony

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