Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got what I asked for!

While sitting around the dinner table last night after the run I finally told all my friends something that probably would have gotten me beat down earlier in the day. Since we were in the AC with cold drinks and all showered up I let them know for the last week "I have prayed that it be HOT on Saturday". After some laughs and dirty looks I didn't bring that up again.
Rick Mayo and I arrived at the track around 5:30, with Angel, Kristi and Adrian Mayo following close behind. When 6am snuck up on us there were already a couple of runners there. Peter Euler and a guy who read about us in the paper Friday probably ran the first 5 or 6 miles with me and then we eased into our own paces. By around 10am we must have had around 150 people on the track and somewhere close 200 all together just hanging out and supporting. The Air Force were the first of the military to arrive, some where between 20 and 30 men and women from McConnell Air Force Base. Next we had the US Army show up with about the same amount of "future soldier" and I think 6 or 7 actual Soldiers out there leading them through about 30 to 45 mins of exercises on the football field and then they did a formation run around the track. Nothing more motivating that hearing the sound of cadence being yelled by 30 kids about ready to go to bootcamp. Shortly there after the Navy showed with probably pretty close to 30 as well. They did a full physical fitness test and by this time we were well in the mid 90's for temps. Hooters of Wichita also sent out a couple "Hooters Girls" to assist and motivate. Well that leaves one branch of service, my boys the Marines! I say this with my head hung low, they no showed! That is all I will say about that for fear I will cuss on this blog and tell you I really feel!!!
Nonetheless, even though the Marines no showed we had alot of tough men and women who were not in the military show up as well. My Aunt Mary and her friends from Curves Health Club came out and knocked out 5 miles I think, they were getting pledges from people at Curves. Tunie a great women from Wellington, Kansas and her husband came out, Tunie walked well into the heat of the day. After running 16 miles in the hills of Kingman, Randy, Winston and Zach drove back and knocked out 4 more with me in the heat, then Winston went home and did yard work and came back at 2pm when it was REALLY hot and helped me trudge through the last hour. Fernando Martinez came out for the last two hot hours of the day and ran with Rick and I. Karla Gregg and her daughter joined us for a few miles, there were so many others please forgive me for not mentioning all the names, these are just the ones my fried brain can remember.
We made just under $1000 at the track and still have people collecting pledges for a days. Peter Euler donated another $300 when he got home, he has already donated $500!!
The showing of support was awesome, it is great to know that so many people really care about our nations Wounded Warriors! I really needed the heat training yesterday but I got alot more, I was starting to fall into a rut and lose motivation. All of you who showed relit my fire for this great fundraiser and I will be full throttle once again. For me, I hit my 50 mile goal for the day in under 9 hours, the last couple of hours when the temps were around 100 and the heat index and heat off the track just seemed to cook you got a little tough, but hey, I asked for it literally. I would like to give a special thanks to Lee Crane who due to injury could not run Western States 100 yesterday but came down and did just about everything including knocking out miles with me. Rick and Kristi Mayo for the hundreds of pics they took and a video to come. Most of all my wife Angel, who always knows what I need when I need it and made sure my nutrition did not slack at all.
All in all a very productive day, great heat, hit my goal, feel great today and motivated to train. Again thank you for the support and Semper Fi!!!!

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