Monday, August 2, 2010

Heating up!!!

Well today was pretty darn hot in Wichita, hit about 106 I think with a 115 or so heat index. So what did I do, yep, went for a run. No telling what the temps will be like a month from now, so I am pushing hard in this heat and the great thing is I truly feel like I am climatized about the best I can to it. Lots of water, endurolyte caps and a gel every now and then and it's all good. Now to touch on some more topics.

- Mizuno USA!!!! Sophia Wharton the mid-west rep for Mizuno has far exceeded what I would call stepping up and helping. Basically Mizuno has me set for the entire run and I mean everything. So I should be a running/walking Mizuno poster boy during the fundraiser. She has not only offered assistance but went out of her way to do it, so for all you runners or just people that wear shoes, shorts, shirts any type of athletic apparel, please look into buying Mizuno and supporting them. They have stepped up in a HUGE way. Just to be fair I will let all of you know that I contacted every major shoe brand out there a couple months ago, explained what we are doing for the Wounded Warriors and asked if they would kindly kick in a pair or two of shoes. All of them told me NO, except Mizuno.

- A Topeka, Kansas area runner named Darin Schneidewind will be running the Leadville 100 in a couple of weeks. The Leadville 100 starts in Leadville, Colorado and twist and turns through the mountains until you make it to Winfield, which is the 50 mile turn around. Then you get to do it in reverse! During this little jaunt, you go over the infamous HOPES PASS, not once but twice, basically climbing 5 miles straight up switchbacks getting up above 12,000 feet. The entire 100miles you are above 10,000 feet for the most part, piece of cake for a Kansan who lives at about 800 feet!! Well Darin is using this race to help raise money for our fundraiser, he is taking per mile donations. So far he has 4 or 5 people I think kicking in .50cents per mile. So, if you have any interest in motivating Darin to get through the pain, either email me and I will get you in contact with him or contact him through facebook. Oh by the way, Darin won the Kettle Moraine 100 mile this year in June, so if your gonna pledge, plan on paying, the dude is an AWESOME RUNNER!

- Runners here is one for you. The founder and race director of the FlatRock 25/50k races in September has given you an opportunity to not only run one of the toughest races in the midwest but help us by doing so. If you sign up for his race he is kicking us $5 per entry until August 25th, but wait there's more!!! If we get 100 people to sign up by the 25th he will give us $10 per entry, that is $1000!!! So, if you want to help and run a great race please check out
Sign up ASAP!!!

Well that will be it for tonight, I will get a little more info on here in a day or two. If you have any intentions of coming out and running any of this, please give me a heads up here pretty quick. Tony Brown our route guru and point of contact with all law enforcement needs to give them a heads up to what kind of numbers to expect. Thanks and Semper Fi, Tony

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