Saturday, July 31, 2010

40 days to go!

Sorry I have slacked on posting here! I will cover some now and some later, alot has happened here recently. First of all, we broke the halfway mark on donations and are just shy of $13,000 right now. For all of you that do not use "facebook" you can still access our fanpage on the right side of this blog without being a member, just click on the link and you will go to the page. You cannot post anything unless you are a facebook member, but atleast you can read all the comments, we have over 1100 fans and new stuff pops up everyday.
-We had a bit of an RV situation a few weeks and really freaked me out for a day or two. Our original RV plan, excuse my language "went to hell" and I had no idea what we were gonna do. I called around and it was no less than $1000 to rent one for the weekend plus a $500 deposit. I called every RV place in Wichita and surrounding areas but no one was willing to assist us or donate one. So using the awesome tool that Facebook is, I sent out a plea for help basically. The next day I received a message from Julie Toft a friend of Angel and I's and an ultrarunner in the KC area. Julie spoke with a friend of her's named Mike Peek of the KC area. This next part is truly amazing, Mike e-mails me and has never even spoken to me before and said we have 100% commitment from him to use his RV the entire weekend. Need I say more about how awesome this guy is, I finally spoke with him over the phone the other night and he really is a great guy, saying things like "he is truly blessed and looks for ways to help others". He is now a friend for life!

-We are still going to need a few people who would like to help with driving duties on the RV, Mike and I would both prefer someone who has driven one before or isnt scared to drive it. I believe he said its a 32'foot RV. We basically have the first day covered with no problem at all, but going into friday night Sept 10th and Saturday Sept 11th, we may need some relief drivers. By that time we will be well south of Salina, Kansas and on our way to Wichita. Please contact me if you would like to help, I will get you in contact with Kyle Amos who is our "route" navigator.

-I have had many people ask about running with me. I will ofcourse never turn down a running partner but after speaking with my crew, they asked me to make a few things clear. We will not logistically be able to aid all the runners that come out, please bring your own food and water. Make sure you have a vehicle to drop you off and pick you up and the thing Kyle wanted me to stress the most is do not try to alter whatever pace I am at. I could go 10 to 15 min stretches where I have to walk or jog very slow. As much as I appreciate all the help we have to take those kind of precautions to make sure we make it to the end of the 224 miles. No matter how hard I have trained over the summer this will not be easy, I will hurt and by the end it I will mostly likely be the saddest excuse for a runner you have ever seen! I keep telling myself that my pain is temporary and I have planned and asked for it, the men and women we are fundraising for did not ask for the daily pain they endure. So I tell you ALL right now, if you catch me whining or feeling sorry for myself, tell me to shut up and move! I do not understand what words like quit or defeat mean, so I can assure you, that will not be heard.

Like I said before, I have about a month worth of stuff to tell you so I will stop here and tell you more in the next post. We have a shoe and apparel sponsor, among other things I would like you to know. Thank you for your continued support, I will either update this blog daily or every other day for the next 40 days until our event. There is not much time left but I know we can reach our goal! Semper Fi, Tony

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